Radiology Worksheets

Control the process via the worksheet

The worksheets allows the receptionist to view who is in the waiting room, how long they have been waiting and the reason for the encounter.

It eliminates any guesswork and identifies, at a glance, urgent cases. In addition, any work in progress is shown, including whether the referring doctor report has been generated, the progress of the radiologist authorization and the invoice status.

Controls For credit control purposes, any balance outstanding on the patients account, irrespective if it is for the current or past encounter, is available; and because it is a real time system; even if the typing is performed in the virtual typist pool in another location, once the encounter has been closed, the balance on account will be shown. This gives immediate feedback and an important credit control management tool.

At a Glance

Eminance incorporates the latest in at-a-glance technology. From this screen you can also see all cancelled encounters and should you have more than one practice and practitioner on the system you can see the amount outstanding at the other practices or for the other radiologists.

Everything is accessible from one screen, making your task even easier.

Quick Find

The advanced search facility allows you to recall older reports or prior patient details, while the integrated Healthbridge EDI allows you to validate the patient medical aid details at any time – and if the patient medical aid details have changed,

Eminance for Radiology can be updated automatically while doing a membership check. Full control of the encounter is maintained in the worksheet, from painless and quick cancellations to new appointments.