Radiology Integration

Eminance for Radiology is an open ended system, allowing integration with a number of external systems and equipment. As standard, Eminance works directly with the Dicom work list, eliminating any user interaction and in so doing by-pass human error.

Information from Eminance interacts seamlessly with Dicom ensuring a high degree of data integrity and accuracy to the end product.


No technical expertise is required to interface Eminance with X-Ray equipment. Integration is automated, and there is no need to duplicate information. Eminance eliminates human error by working directly with the Dicom list.


In line with our policy of continual development, we have partnered WinScribe voice recognition technology to create an even more integrated solution for you the Radiology Practice. As new developments take place, or as we innovate new features, you are kept up to date on a continual basis.

Legacy Systems

Legacy reporting from certain software is standard, enabling you to see reports that have been captured on another system. We ensure continuity of patient information on all levels until you have fully migrated to our systems. Converting systems is managed in a coordinate manner.