Eminance for Dentists

Cash flow & management reports
Seamless tracking of all claims
User friendly, stable & mature
Medical aid compliant
Streamline your administration
Reduce bad debts with auto-recalls
Reduce the costs of dentistry
Receptionist friendly. Designed to allow you to spend more time with with patients
The complete dental billing solution
Go paperless with our billing solution
Full dental payment system
Financial roles per workstation
Everything you need for dental management
Free yourself from admin
Cash & medical aid compliant

What makes Eminance for Dentists unique is the fact that it can be used by the receptionist, allowing the practitioner to do what he or she does best. At the same time, advanced facilities allow dental chart recording and x-ray storing. Designed specifically for the needs of the dental practitioner (from single practitioners to group practices and partnerships), Eminance for Dentists caters for all the clinical and administrative requirements in the modern day practice. Some of the features include;

  • Lab orders and EDI claims
  • No-show and recall management
  • Treatment Payment plans
  • Clinical charting & management
  • Email statement and recalls
  • Patient Education Library
  • Debtors Management
  • Embedded tooth tracking
  • On-the-fly accounts
  • Quotations & Estimates
  • Merge for Credit control
  • Appointment management
  • Case Presentation
  • Orthodontic payment plan
  • Embedded medical aid rules
  • Automatic discount plans
  • Quick post and pay
  • Digital X-ray Integration
  • Tariff code structure supplied
  • Clinical & treatment notes
  • Mail merger
  • Rapid Data Capture Screen
  • Flexible reporting
  • Patient clinical history
  Medical EDI ServicesEach patient can have their dental charts on-line. Designed for ease of use, and configurable for each practitioners requirements, the dental chart can be shared across the network, allowing the practitioner to consult with others.
  Expert Medical SoftwareThe patient wizard ensures that everything is on the same screen. No more flipping between screens. Even payment plans, quotes and recalls can be accessed from the wizard, along with bookings and notes.
  Medical Practice Software - Wide Range Of Solutions‎ from Health FocusEminance allows an unlimited amount of x-rays to be linked to each patients clinical record. Accessed from the patient wizard, the date and clinical note can be associated with the x-ray for immediate retrieval.
  medical practice management software south africaThe diary is the core of the system. It allows you to define your own time slots, make variable appointments, colour code your bookings and enter notes. Emergencies and slip-ins are catered for, as are reports and overbooking's.
  medical billing south africaEminance includes the complete licensed ICD10 volume of codes with the ability to search for a code by any means, including within a description. Reporting on managed care is standard, as is the frequency of procedures.
  Software for dentistsBased on the diagnosis, Eminance will suggest the applicable medication, including most package inserts. Up to 80% of your CPD points can be earned without leaving the practice, with updates of articles of interest. Allowing you to grow with the practice, Eminance offers a host of unique features, amongst them, the ability to link a recall type to the tariff code, ensuring recalls are correctly recorded and administrated.  A strong emphasis is placed on credit control and dental practice management. 

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