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Our first optometry installation took place in 1988 and since then over 1000 optometrists trust us with their business.  Over the years we have learnt what is important.  From our first Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claims in 1992 we have lead the market with innovative features that have made our programs indispensable to the modern day optometrist.

Eminance for Optometry automates many of the functions normally requiring strict administrative procedures in the practice.  One of the features is the management of recalls for contact lenses, where the recall is triggered automatically on invoice. 

Call and order lists can be produced on demand and letters can be mail merged as reminders.  If you have activated the SMS facility, then text messages can be sent; and even email recalls.  The whole process is automated and ensures your patient returns back to you. Eminance for Optometry automates many of the functions normally requiring strict administrative procedures in the practice

Driven by the patient wizard, Eminance allows you full control of all the Optometry features. It can be used in conjunction with other practitioners, where you decide whether the other disciplines can have access to your information. 

In summary, a host of new benefits.  Extensive reporting, including average patient spend and the spend per lens category and type. Statistics that allow you to know where your profitability lies. The drill down facility, allows you to select an accounting year, the month, and then drill down to a single transaction. You can even drill down on the year to date activity for a medical aid, or even a practitioner.

All-in-all, it is the most innovative, intuitive optometry management system available, offering features that took over five years to research to ensure that it meets the demanding needs of any optometry practice, irrespective of size. Health Focus was the first software house to provide the practice with SMS facilities, EDI, on-line electronic claims, advanced recall facilities and a host of innovative new features.

That’s why Health Focus remains the South Africa’s leader in optometry management software. It offers a hassle-free practice management system which enables optometrists to focus on the professional aspect of the practice, whilst enjoying all the functionality to maintain full control of their business. It’s system controls ensures that it can be used by all levels of staff, while still offering a high degree of control.

Some of the main features include;

  • Fully Integrated.  Eminance is a fully integrated debtors, creditors and stock system.  Create a goods receive voucher, and your stock and creditor is updated automatically. Produce an invoice, and the stock is updated.
  • Reduce Administration.  Eminance allows you to create an invoice directly from a quote, or a credit note straight from an invoice.  Along with its auto generation of a receipt, emailing of orders and recalls, it ensures administration is reduced.
  • Benefit Calculation.  The calculation of patient benefits, and the ability to have the medical aid rules on file, is aimed at reducing potential bad debts.
  • Lab Orders.  A comprehensive lab order system keeps track of the job status, and you can produce job status reports at any time.  It even records the cost per job.
  • Powerful Recalls.  The recall system is so innovative, that the recall is associated with the tariff code. With an unlimited number of recall types, you are guaranteed that your recall system works!
  • Marketing.  Eminance offers it's own marketing system that is defined exactly how you want to control the information.  Linked with the mail merger, it is indeed a powerful tool. 
  • Internal Controls.  Eminance offers features designed to control the practice, ranging from advanced credit control and patient notes, through to tracking of consignment stocks.  Its internal controls is what ensures its high level of integrity.
  • Script Formulation.  Send it the script and it will isolate the code with a phenomenally high degree of accuracy, minimizing risk and improving profitability. Notes.  Offering an unlimited number of types and notes per patient, Eminance even allows you to password protect the notes.
  • Stock Control.  Strong stock control, including profit margin reports, stock by groups and categories, low stock, fast moving stock and slow movers.  Bar coding integration even allows the automatic updating for a stock count!