Empowering You

Today, every practice needs the power to change. That’s why our mission at Health Focus is so clear. To deliver software that frees you to systematically improve your profit potential. Software that simplifies how all your resources are managed, so that you can transform your practice to lead, not follow. At Health Focus we are already delivering. 

Now you have the power to change. We live in a world filled with cell phones, palm top computers, frequent flyer miles and electronic claims. Business no longer happens between 9-5 within the four walls of the practice. You need to work wherever and whenever required, and your practice management system needs to make that as easy as possible. Eminance was made to do just that. 

The program for doing business in the digital economy

Eminance is delivering the features needed in the modern day practice. The program makes extensive use of the Internet, from receiving pathology reports from within the patient file, through to sending patient recalls and invoices and statements via email. All features designed to save you money and systematically improve your profit potential.

Moving to Eminance. 

The practice management program for the next generation of computing. Eminance is designed for the way you work today and tomorrow.

Internet Enabled

The Internet has revolutionised business; e-commerce; the free exchange of information; report submission; new ideas; borders are broken - the list is endless. Eminance allows you to work the web way by allowing secure remote access from an iPad, Smartphone or PC, anywhere in the world.


In today's environment of 24x7 your systems must stay up and running. Using bullet proof databases and incorporating the latest in client server technology, Eminance assures absolute reliability.


Your systems must be manageable and cost effective to meet your business needs and stay competitive in today's workplace. Until now, it has been hard to get IT to pay off the way it was supposed to. Eminance changes all that.

Ever evolving technology. 

New hardware and networking devices are exploding onto today's technology scene. To grow your practice, you need to take advantage of the benefits they offer. Your program must not be locked into yesterdays standards. That's why Eminance is new age technology, today.