Today's environment demands high availability becoming the norm for many practices. Meeting these demands is a daunting task, with financial pressures, legal requirements, limited resources, and many other variables beyond one's control. This is highlighted by many incidents such as the recent Eskom blackouts which had a severe impact on numerous practices. With many circumstances beyond our control, practices must strive to maintain close control while managing their environment.

A Comprehensive Debtors System

  • The aim of any integrated medical system is to make processing of data as accurate and timely as possible, minimizing the risk of errors and improving productivity. Eminance does exactly that.
  • Designed by doctors, for doctors, the system allows you to quickly enter patient details, and recall the information when required.
  • Searching for a patient is easy - by surname, folder number or even by first name. Search for record containing information.
  • Some of the advanced features include the ability to link a patient to a language, ensuring that each language group receive accounts in their respective language.
  • Unlimited billing rates are supported - from Scale of Benefits (BHF) through to SAMA, ensuring continuing consistency in your billing.
  • Each account can have their own unique statement message or a message determined by the age of the account, the billing rate, the language and the statement type.
  • As you enter the medical aid number, it can be checked and validated according to the format required by the patients medical aid - reducing the risk of account rejections.
  • An unlimited amount of doctors or practices can use the system - taking care of partnerships and associates. Separate or combined reporting of treatments is permitted.
  • Comprehensive reports, both on screen, file or printer are supported, along with the ability to view strategic information graphically.
  • Interest charging, the ability to automatically place an account in dispute or transferring medical aid liable balances to the patient liable account are standard.
  • The sophisticated mail merge allows you to manage credit control with ease, filtering accounts based on their credit rating, language or account grouping.
    The credit control facility identifies accounts based on your selection criteria and on a click of a button even dials the patient for you! Credit control and financial notes are standard.
  • Patient clinical records can be maintained on file for each patient and account holder.
  • The daily daybook is a definitive audit trail of all transactions posted since the last daybook - minimizing fraud by ensuring that even back dated transactions are reported

A Comprehensive Dispensary

The dispensary system is probably one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use systems available. Interfacing with downloadable files, it records details such as the MIMS categories, drug schedules, NAPPI codes, pack sizes, dispensing quantities; through to life supporting and medical aid authorization requirements. Sophisticated interfaces records scripts used along with drug schedule updates and a complete medicine history. The system allows you to;

  • Enter unlimited prices and link them to medical aid Formularies.
  • It will also cross map generics for MMAP medical aids - completely automatically.
  • Prescriptions as well as labels can be produced at the point of posting a script against a patients account, and reprinted at any time.
  • Fixed form layout on dot matrix or laser printers.
  • The system allows you to record your maximum and minimum stock holding, allowing you to generate order reports at any time - even by supplier.
  • The search facility does not require you to remember any medicine code. Simply enter the first few characters of the medicine, and the system will do the rest!
  • Transactions against stock items can be done at any time. When receiving medicines or materials, prices are updated automatically.
  • Eminance allows you to search by any MIMS category. Simply enter the category, and all linked medicines will be displayed - along with script details, dosage and duration - which can be dropped and dragged to the patients script.
  • The generic lookup facility allows you to cross map any medicine to its generic equivalent - along with its price and what the medical aid is prepared to pay.
    Stock and medicine labels can be printed at any time - based on issues, stock received or even a one-off.   

The Medical Aid System

One of the most significant factors in ensuring that accounts are settled promptly is to ensure that the account is rendered in accordance with the requirements of the medical aids. Even if you don't submit accounts directly to the medical aids, your patient does!  Eminance reduces the risk of rejections, by offering a comprehensive medical aid system which integrates fully with patients linked to a medical aid;

  • Medical aids can be tagged whether they are preferred providers, accept direct submissions of accounts and whether they subscribe to Maximum Medical Aid Prices (MMAP).
  • Each medical aid can be tagged whether they receive a settlement discount for acute medicines, treatments or chronic medication.
  • Each medical aid can be tagged whether the codes are submitted via EDI in the CPT or BHF code.
  • Every medical aid can have a different Relative Value per Unit (RVU), linked to a tariff code, which is calculated automatically at the time of posting the transactions.
  • The medical aid file is maintenance fee and is supported by the Medprax Medical Aid download file - keeping you up to date with all levies.
  • The medical aid levies and rules are displayed on screen and the patient portion or levy can be displayed at any time.
  • Medical aids claims can be submitted via EDI, with rejection reports integrated into the system. See accepted and rejected transactions on screen.
  • If the medical aid demands split statements the system will print them automatically.
  • It will even check the medical aid suffix, prefix and format for validation of membership numbers. A medical aid profile can be produced at any time, advising you of the medical aid mix, along with the amounts claimed via EDI.
  • At any time, you can produce a medical aid (or patient) aged analysis allowing you to identify your practice profile and risk exposure.

You Control Your Files

In order to make the practice as self sufficient as possible and to reduce the dependency on others - thereby reducing the cost of running the system, all files can be changed and maintained by the user. These range from standard coding systems, through to diagnosis files and tariff files;

  • The standard tariff file allows and unlimited number of billing rates, linked to a specific patient. Tariffs include the ability to record time, have the procedure tagged as an anaesthetic treatment, force a co-payment, and to indicate whether authorization is required for a procedure.
  • The diagnosis file allows you to enter primary care treatments, linking the code to a tariff, set capitation or fixed fee limits, link to CPT or MIMS codes.
  • The referring doctor files can be used for statistical purposes and report on doctors to whom you have referred patients, or have referred to you. This interacts with the assistants used in operations and the automatic calculations of the assistant fees.
  • Using the macro facility, common treatments can be linked into a single procedure, reducing the risk of error and omissions and speeding up daily processing.
  • A unique sub member file allows an unlimited number of dependents on the system, called with the click of a button

Electronic Data Interchange

Eminance is fully QEDI, MediSwitch, DHS, MediKredit and HealthBridge compliant, incorporating all the e-Link facilities.

  • A one button click to prepare a batch for transmission, where the system will report on the transactions prepared and first line rejections.
  • An ability to correct rejections on-line ensuring prompt resubmission of rejected claims.
  • Complete user control where batches can be reset as a whole, ensuring complete practice control.
  • All EDI transactions can be seen on screen, either by account, by medical aid or by date.
  • There is a facility to enter a message which will be submitted with the claim on the next transmission.
  • Feedback reports can be reprinted at any time.

The Creditors Module

Eminance offers a complete creditors system.   It allows you to create your creditors file, post transactions against the creditor, including payment, and to produce remittance advice's, aged analysis and Vat reports.