Radiology Highlights

Eminance for Radiology has been designed specifically for the forward thinking practice and represents an ideal solution for radiology practices wanting optimal control and management features, eliminating bottlenecks. Features include: The Ideal Solution Eminance for Radiology is a real-time system. There are no batches to process and the patient information is available immediately. One account for life ensures proper credit control, with real-time automatic updating of medical aid information via Healthbridge EDI.

  • Single account even with multiple encounters and worksheet driven for ease of use
  • The front-end diary logs all encounters and daily activity which can be seen and tracked by all.
  • Unique Health Focus "at-a-glance" technology with immediate overview
  • View the status of the patient at a glance, including potential delays and progress
  • Real time tracking of how long the patient has been waiting.
  • A virtual typing pool, ideal for satellite practices, allowing the encounter to follow the patient
  • Ease of workflow, including radiologist dictation and validation before releasing
  • Integration to Dicom MRI and CT equipment
  • At a glance you can see which encounters have not been invoiced.
  • Customised report headers and templates saving time
  • Authorised reports on-the-fly with prompts for reports ready for authorisation
  • Automatically email user-defined reports to referring doctors
  • Invoice straight off the encounter, with EDI compliance.
  • Comprehensive management reporting
  • Multi-site technology allowing centralised typing.

Eminance for Radiology is designed to work the way the practice should work, minimising the waiting time, improving administrative efficiencies, prioritising tasks and ensuring a smooth flow of patients, information and controls.