Radiology Functionality

Eminance for Radiology (EFR) was launched in August 2007, and within just a few weeks, three of the top rated radiology practices have converted. Within days of installation, thousands of transactions were being processed on a daily basis.

The Platform of Choice

EFR is the platform of choice. Today, Health Focus is the number one provider of forward thinking, state of the art software systems in the radiology sector. Designed specifically for radiology, EFR improves cash flow, streamlines processes and provides unprecedented “real time” productivity management. Advanced technology leverages staff capabilities for a true “new generation” billing and collections effort. Functional Its foundation controls important features like the integrated security, the ad-hoc and standard reporting tools, import and export capabilities and many more. EFR is based on Eminance, the first Practice Management System that provides an integrated, self learning recognition and automated coding module. It can code upward of 600 ICD10 charges in an hour with no monthly coding fees or outsourcing required.

  • At the same time it will reduce your paper while, improving your efficiency.
  • It is a single source for storing and retrieving all your clinical and administration information.
  • EFR allows you to capture any record making them available for immediate, retrieval without the expense of high priced, storage hardware

Maximising Control

All your records are kept in one easy to use archive while being able to retrieve documents, accounts and charts by the push of a button. It eliminates spending valuable time on searching for records and wasting your money on outsource storage. The real time search and retrieval ensures all your data is available all the time, with one master debtor record for all transactions. This ensures debt management is maximised, and bad debts minimised. The user defined templates make reporting a breeze, while all the rest are standard features – from post dating to batch processing. Developed in conjunction with one of the largest radiology practices in the country, EFR is a system designed today for the practice of tomorrow. Eminance, the most flexible, reliable, and integrated practice management system available, will help you to differentiate your practice and sustain competitive advantage. Eminance allows you to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage your practice administration more efficiently, ensuring a faster and safe return on investment.

Advanced Technology

Through a service-oriented architecture, it delivers unparalleled flexibility to take advantage of existing technology, quickly adapting to new technology, easily connecting with customers, partners, and suppliers, and rapidly adapting as market and business requirements change. Eminance provides your surest path to long-term success. Eminance provides the power needed to implement reliable, high performance business applications quickly and with confidence. The development environment provides the fastest path for delivering today's complex business applications. The application framework enhances developer productivity with a simple, yet powerful, architecture designed specifically for business logic development and reuse. Simply stated, Eminance is the most efficient way to express business practices in software, keeping practice managers from being distracted by underlying technology and letting them focus on their expertise – running the practice.


Flexible applications start with efficient data management. Interbase, one of the world's leading relational databases, delivers the high availability and scalability demanded by advanced business applications. For maximum integration and deployment options, it runs on a variety of operating systems, from a Windows based PC to Sun workstations posting 10 invoices a second! As business and application needs become more complex, deployment flexibility and scalability grow in importance. Eminance can be easily deployed to any interface, including Web browsers and mobile devices, where critical practice management functions are allowed. Eminance is quickly configurable and lets you quickly deploy applications to match your business application needs from large clinics and medical groups through to single business optometry. The Health Focus commitment to industry standards and support for a service-oriented architecture makes it easy to minimize initial costs, maximize future options, and protect your investment. Whatever your requirement, the Eminance specification lets you easily grow as your practice expands. Eminance turns your business applications into a sound investment for your future operations.

Cost Effective

Providing an effective platform for development and deployment is a good beginning. But to offer a complete solution, a platform must provide robust and cost-effective tools for managing the business applications as well as managing the business itself. Health Focus meets this commitment with Eminance, its practice management software. Eminance application management makes it easier to achieve business continuity and operational effectiveness by focusing on optimising the availability and performance of your mission-critical business applications. Eminance business management not only offers competitive business intelligence and reporting solutions, but also advanced data search and query solutions, so that you can manage your practice strategically and effectively.