Radiology Remote Access


Access the information from anywhere, anytimeEminance allows you to keep your database in one centralized location and have a remote connection to the database so that, should you have more than one practice all of the practices can utilize the same database at the same time working in a ”live” environment.


Virtual Typing Pool
hile a centralised database has obvious advantages for satellite practices or multi-location practices, it allows the creation of a virtual typist pool, where reports captured into the system can be extracted from any location in real-time.
Anywhere Access
Unlike other systems that use a batch based system, Eminance for radiology is a live system, with information available to all authorised users in real-time. With a centralised database, any change made at one location is automatically available to other authorised users at another location. Even typing performed at one location, is immediately available at another location, streamlining the typing pool process. And there is no limit to the number of locations, anywhere in the world!
Reduce Costs
Because of the centralised database, there is no need to duplicate tasks. Beside the clinical functions, credit control can be centralised as can be management reporting and debt control. A change made at any location is automatically and quickly available at another practice or location.