Health Focus PMS ServicesOur management team boasts access to some of the top practice managers in South Africa, offering a wealth of experience in multi-discipline practices.

Facilities include the evaluation of existing systems and internal controls with the emphasis on systematically increasing profit potential. Amongst our services we offer consulting, transition, training and support.

Program Modifications

Information technology is constantly changing the way practices compete in the marketplace. Successful practices are likely to be those that most productively employ their computer systems effectively. Our programming teams are geared for change.

Training Courses

We offer comprehensive hands-on courses for operators, while our computer based education programs allow you to learn and understand our program at your own pace. Operator training courses can be undertaken on-site or at designated training centers.

Credit Control

Health Focus offers full training facilities. Factors include the correct submission of accounts to medical aids through to the applying of the principals of managed care. A full evaluation and profile of the practice is undertaken to achieve this goal. We offer specialist services maximizing quality treatment while minimizing cost.

IPA Evaluations & Peer Review

All our programs offer the ability to evaluate statistical information. However, we undertake specialized systems for Independent Practitioner Associations using our Prominance® Peer Review Portal. Using the latest in technology, data is transferred to a central server via the Internet, evaluated and interrogated via a web server.

Custom Designed Systems

Our team of qualified programmers understand medical and optometry systems and are geared to undertake projects, designing and implementing software, where practices require specialist facilities. We have designed specialist systems for organizations ranging from optometry groups to clinics .