Out of sight, out of mind

Out of sight, out of mind - people everywhere have taken to staying in contact by various social media platforms.  Not only with their personal connections, but with their customers and patients too. Has your practice? Eminance has a built in client relationship tool that you can use from anywhere in the world by simply logging into your Eminance server at the practice. Now is the time to send your patients an SMS or email checking up on their well being and assuring them that your practice will be a safe and functioning space once lockdown is over.  If you have patients that are due a follow up appointment, or an eye test, or a contact lens reorder then use this lockdown time wisely to make contact with them to book the appointment or pre-order the CL box ready for post-lockdown.
Remember, our Software Support team is here right through lockdown.  We have invested in new technology to ensure that we are here to help you right through this period, just as we are every other working day of the year.  We have seen a massive take up in our Cloud Backup solution, which is free for the duration of lockdown, so don't miss out, send us your Cloud Backup today.  If you need help activating the Cloud Backup call us on 087 750 8157.
Stay safe, stay healthy.