Our Team

Every few months we run a survey amongst our users to see how we can improve our services. This is what they told us;

  • Adaptable. Our programs are more than just a billing tool. It is a powerful reference tool and patient record keeper which adapts to a variety of needs and specialist requirements.
  • Attractive. The programs are visually appealing and invite you to use all the available features and facilities. Offering advanced features, it is attractive but not visually disturbing.
  • Capable. We are capable of doing everything in your practice - from patient records, clinical notes, debtors, creditors, dispensary to stock. Remote access using your iPad, electronic claims processing using established partners and even viewing your patient's pathology report through the link in the patient file. It's a complete system.
  • Clever. Our programs are clever systems, guessing your next move. It even allows you to enter your own mnemonics linked to tariff codes, which it learns - reducing processing time.
  • Connected. We offer features that easily connect you to the outside world. These range from auto updates of lab results, through to data interchange.
  • Discrete. We make it easy for you to protect sensitive information, including clinical notes with password controls.  We even go as far as offering finger print technology for that extra level of data security.
  • Development. We have a policy of continual development - which means if new regulations come into force, or changes are made to claim procedures, updates are made available.
  • Eager. The program installs quickly and easily. You do not need extensive training to get going quickly. It is a system eager to start productively and quickly.
  • Empowering. The program is like a good partner - helping you to stay in control and reach your goals. Not only does it allow you to work smarter, but it allows you to define your own parameters.
  • Efficient. Our system accomplishes much with minimal effort.  Commonly used procedures can be linked together, while shortcuts are available for a host of functions.  You can define account printing parameters, reducing waste, and the calculation of levies is immediate.
  • Focused. Designed by doctors for doctors;  It is a fully focused system that ensures that you do not lose sight of your goals.  Being modular, but integrated, it allows you to start off with what you need, expanding with your practice to cater for your wants.
  • Flexible. It is a flexible system.  You can define the diary for most appointment types, while the search facilities allow you to locate a patient by surname, initials or folder number.
  • Future. Our program is designed for the future.  Functions such as remote access through your iPad, Smartphone or remote PC, biometric scanning, being able to cater for multi-disciplinary practices and being compatible with voice recognition systems in order to dictate your notes.
  • Feedback. Standard reports ensure that you are given the right feedback.  Whether it relates to dispensing in-house or referrals, emphasis is placed on cost reduction and credit control enhancement.  You can even check the average cost per patient and gross profit for capitation.
  • Intuitive. Migrating to a computerized system has never been easier.  It looks and feels like the systems you have been using for years, and has a high level of intuitiveness that ensures that you are productive from day one.
  • Instant. Using a mouse, the system is fast.  It takes far less than one second to find a single patient out of a database of 50,000 - all you need do is enter the first few characters of your search criteria.  It can analyze a patient spend over 5 years, in under 5 minutes.  It is an absolute instant system.
  • Practical. It is practical system.  It produces the reports that you both need and want.  Using the latest in Windows technology, you can even email (or fax) accounts directly.  Its report writers even allow you to design a custom report, just for your practical needs.
  • Secure. We all know that computers break.  That's why we have built into our systems a backup facility which securely backs up and compresses your data.  Safe in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, you can simply repair your PC and restore the data. 
  • Support. Our users tell us that our support is great.  We offer training sessions, workshops, seminars, newsletters and on-line help references - and of course, our office hours software support offices.  We cover the whole continent via our support infrastructure, just a telephone call or email away.
  • Uncomplicated. Our systems do not require specialist computer knowledge.  There are no encrypted commands to learn or operating system commands to tackle.  It is an uncomplicated menu driven program, designed to systematically improve your profit potential.
  • Unlimited. The programs have no limit to the amount of transactions, accounts or tables. You can have as many associates or practices - allowing the system to expand with your practice and growth.

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