Our Policy

We are so confident in our products that we license our software to you on a monthly basis.

At any time, if you are not satisfied, give us three months notice (enough time for you to run the system down). Almost 100% of our customers are so happy with our systems that once they start using it, they have not taken us up on our offer.

More than 25% of our income is re-invested in development and research ensuring that your systems always have the latest features. All this is brought to you at no charge.

And to ensure that your system runs effectively, we offer free upgrades for tariff codes and the lowest possible switching fees for medical aid claims. We also understand that if you are starting out in private practice, the costs can be prohibitively high.

As we cover 7 African countries and thousands of practices, we contract a national network of dealers who perform the training and installation which carries and additional third party charge.

Our stringent policy ensures that this fee is kept to the minimum, while ensuring a high standard.