A New Generation of Software

Our new generation of medical, radiology and optometry software is ideal for the practitioner starting out through to large scale enterprise networks.  With minimal capital costs and based on a monthly license fee, our software is always up-to-date.  Designed to reduce your administration costs, with very low claim costs and free upgrades, it handles most types of medical and optometry practices.  Its low training curve, coupled with high productivity ensures optimal economic performance and value for money.

What does Eminance do ?
That depends on the type of practice you have. But there are a few common functions. The program starts off with recording your patient information and the encounter. It then handles all your billing including statements (that can be sent in PDF format via email), and submitting your claim to the medical aid electronically.
But it does a lot more. For example, for anaesthetists it calculates tariffs; for optometrists it handles stock, prescription and orders; for radiologist it supports voice recognition, dictation and interfaces that certain diagnostic and x-ray equipment.
Developed, supported and maintained by Health Focus since the 1980’s our medical programs have been fine tuned to radically reduce repetitive tasks, to improve and speed up access to clinical records and to systematically improve the practices profit potential.
Besides the accounting and clinical features, Eminance offers a host of easy to read and understand management reports. Whether it be the amount of money due to you by patients or medical aid schemes; stock and reorder reports; amounts payable to creditors; clinical trends or even amounts owed to your creditors, Eminance even allows you to generate your own custom reports.
And then there is time management. Its clear to read diary gives you a complete view of your day, week or month.  And if you have more than one practitioner in the practice or different clinics or locations, it offers an overview at a glance.   Appointments can be made directly from the diary that can be accessed remotely as long as you have an Internet connection.
Overall, Eminance is the only program you will ever need.  Our programs are never sold but licensed on a month-to-month basis for less than your cost to your DSTV subscription.
The Cost.
That depends on the type of practice you run, the number of practitioners and the size of the practice. In most cases the cost of using Eminance  each month is less than your  DSTV subscription.  However, to cater for practitioners just starting out, we offer a limited use system, restricted to a capped number of patients, yet fully functional.  This reduces the cost and allows scalability. So, as the practice grows we issue a licence that allows more patients to be added to the system.
For larger group practices Eminance is licensed per practitioner. This reduces the running cost substantially, with no limits imposed.  When it comes to more complex practices such as hospitals, clinics, step-down facilities and radiologist, costs are negotiated. 
As part of our standard operations, we plough a large percentage of our income into our program development to ensure your systems remain at the forefront of practice management.  To date almost R50m has gone into the development of Eminance.  All Eminance upgrades since its initial development have been supplied at no charge to licenced practitioners.
The Claims
Eminance offers on-line switching claims to medical aids as low as R1,00 per claim with additional facilities that include;
  • Checking of patient benefits, reducing calls to medical aids.
  • Responses from medical aids advising acceptances and rejections
  • Reconciliation of claims paid out
Patient Focus
Eminance gives you more time to focus on your patients.  Time is maximized by having automated processes that serves to streamline the practice and in so doing, minimize risk elements.  From basic tariff fee up dates to ensure you conform to medical aid requirements; through to medicine file updates, Eminance always ensures you are kept current with minimal fuss and effort.
Eminance is available for over 50 different types of practice types, with special features for defined practices.  It is not an one-size-fits-all program.  Personal customization is a standard feature.  It allows you to define your own reporting and processing methodology after installation for your type of practice.  With no long contracts and a three month notice period to allow you to wind down, Eminance remains the leader in Practice Management Software.
Eminance remains one of the most innovative cost-effective medical management and accounting programs available today with constant development and free upgrades and telephone support.


The response that we've had from our customers has been so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to share with you their kind words.
Best choice I ever made. Saves me hours ... Our stock take and management is now radically reduced thanks to Eminance Finally, I found a program that does everything we need Eminance can help you gain control and deliver immediate benefits in staff productivity, throughput, improved care, and patient satisfaction