New feature in Eminance

Eminance has added a new feature for users who have activated their "Eminance Patient Portal". The patient portal allows patients to login securely to view their details, download their statements and have the option to pay their accounts online.
We have developed a new feature in Eminance that allows you to send a patient an SMS to enter their demographic details from their phone or any internet enabled mobile device.
For example when a new patient calls in to make a booking, you add them as a temporary patient. You then send the patient an SMS to enter their details using their mobile device (any internet enabled mobile device) and this information is saved to the practice's Eminance database. Once the patient arrives for their appointment those saved details can be called up and confirmed.
This is a time saving feature and should also help to minimize incorrectly captured information. For help with using this feature kindly contact software support on 0861 110011 or 0217901124, regards Team Health Focus.