Upcoming training courses

Eminance Beginner and Advanced Training courses

It is very important for us at Health Focus to make sure that your practice runs at its full potential. This, amongst other important factors, means that your staff need to be equipped with adequate knowledge with regard to your Eminance practice management software.

Financial year end

With financial year end around the proverbial corner please don't forget to make a special year end backup of your data at the end of the month. Ensure that your backup media (CD, flash drive etc.) is operating properly in the event you may need to restore it. Remember to make a note of banking account balances, loan account balances, debtors book, vehicle mileage (if applicable) on Monday 29th February. We are here to help, call us on 0861 110011 or email Support.

Register your practice for free

Eminance from Health Focus has introduced a free web portal service that allows any medical, dental, optometry or allied practice to register their practice details and services on the Internet making it easier for patients to find your practice.   Go to www.eminance.co.za and click on the "Register your Practice" button on the top right.

You may currently have a website but is it search engine optimised; GPS located and kept up-to-date with your latest practice details?