Ransomware and your data

Ransomware and your data - we recently had another case where one of our customers was hit by a Ransomware attack.  This customer had all the latest virus protection, and yet they still lost everything.  This customer took backups of their data on a daily basis, and yet they still lost everything.  All their financial records.  All their patient notes.  Everything.

Eminance workshops

Sarah Khan from the Institute of Practice Management, a long standing dealer of Health Focus, runs practice management workshops in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town on a regular basis.  These workshops are extremely valuable in assisting and teaching practices in ways to run their practices better and more like a business using the tool at hand, Eminance.

Sarah recently held a workshop in Sandton and two customers had the following feedback:

Tariff Fees update 2018

Medprax and Eminance
Tariff Fees 2018
Medprax and Eminance offers a new exciting product that gives instant access to the latest Medical Scheme Rates and Tariff codes for 2018.  All users of Eminance version 04.00.06 available in January will get automated access to the following:
Automated Data updates for: