Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common asked questions received at our help desk.

With the increase of VAT from 14% to 15% you will need to change the selling prices of your prtofessional fees and stock items.  How do I do this?

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Eminance is fully VAT compliant and it takes just a few seconds to change your system to the new VAT rate when you close your books on 31 March.  For Eminance users, Go to the Maintenance Menu and select System | Vat and change the 14% to 15%.  The programs below are also designed to save you time and will automatically increase the selling price to cater for the VAT increase.  For example, if your consultation is set at R114.00, by running the program it would change the price to R115.00.  Both professional feesand stock selling prices will be affected.

How to implement Health Focus for 15% VATView detailed instructions on how to implement the VAT increase for Health Focus Legacy. Download the Health Focus ProgramDownload the utility that will change the selling prices on the Health Focus Program 
How to implement Eminance for 15% VATView detailed instructions on how to implement the VAT increase for Eminance Download EminanceDownload the utility that will change the selling prices on Eminance
How to implement Vision 2000 for 15% VATView detailed instructions on how to implement the VAT increase for Vision 2000. Download Vision 2000Download the utility that will change the selling prtices on Vision2000








Your program already has the SMS facilities built into it. All you need do is  contact our call centre on 0861-110011 and we will provide you the access codes.

As per Point #4 of our Terms and conditions we require 90 Days written notice including Practice name, number and reason for cancelling. At the point that we receive your cancellation, that notice serves as cancellation of the agreement and the licence to use our program.

You may have changed your email address, your mailbox may be full or it may have been re-routed to your “junk mail” folder. As an automatic email is sent to all our clients with a reminder invoice for the debit order to be deducted on the first working day of the next month, please ensure that we are aware of any changes to your email address.

We are an inbound call centre. The call centre number is a share-call, giving priority to inbound numbers. Generally, the call centre only has time to return calls long after you have left work.

In the Health Focus program when using Healthbridge, I get the error message “Could not update your PMA details, contact your PMA when sending claims in Health Focus”.

Before calling Healthbridge, this may solve the problem;

  • Close both the programs
  • Rename the feedback file to old and recreate it…under Hbridge\HSuite3
  • Check if the Updater.cfg exists in root of the C: drive with the correct location of the HBupdater.exe (Location: Brainware & Name: HBupdater.exe)
  • Do a backup and run the all the data checks in Health Focus (Re-Indexing and packing, Check data, data restructure)

Request a file ratesupdate.exe from us Do a backup of your data, check your database path and then execute the increase on the selected practice rates using the ratesupdate.exe file

Go to: Main screen| Patients| statements Enter the single account number and enter -9999.99 on the minimum balance option below the single account and tick the statement from history option on the right hand of the screen.

The letter you are using was created on the older version that didn’t have a merger field.  For example,  to personalize the sms so the program is no longer finding it, edit the letter and add the merge field on the sms message. Now generate the birthday list 

Tick the only patients with cell phone option and chose the letter you want to send.

This just means that the eClient is not communicating with the eServer. Start up eServer and you should be able to access eClient. If the error is occuring on a network machine , close the error message , click on FILE AND THEN SETUP , and make sure that the IP address filled in is the same as the server machines IP address.

Open Gbak scheduler by double clicking on the icon on your taskbar. Now select a backup task. Click on the button that resembles a lightning bolt. A screen will pop up asking "Are you sure you want to backup task now ? " , say yes , a terminal window will pop up indicating the backup is being made. When the terminal window closes, it means that the backup is complete.

From the Eminance main menu , click on E-Commerce , then click on Healthbridge on the right hand side, go the Healthbridge message centre, then on the top left , click on the Additional button , and then click on Toolkit. This will resolve the problem.

Cannot log into Eminance using Windows 7, error database possibly doesn’t exist or is in an invalid file format.

Extract medprax zip file to: C:\Program files\Health focus\Eminance Server\Download. From the Home screen go to E-Commerce > Download > make sure that a black arrow is on the left.

Make sure that your database path is correct and that your IP address is static The database path should be in the following format: Server IP Address followed by the database path (eg)\Database\h2k.gdb

To re-print the monthly report set. |Go to report auto reports | print Monthly report set

The optometry credit notes are identical to that of the invoicing, except the transactions are reversed and therefore when issuing a credit note stock will put back into stock and the patients account will be credited and not debited. You have the facility within the credit note to convert an existing invoice to a credit note and this is done by clicking on the additional button and selecting the convert invoice option. You also have the ability to access the allocation screens from this window.

Install the latest version of adobe.

You need to manually extract the following files:, ; and to the C:/Windows/system32 (or syswow depending on operating system).

Check dicom worklist in Services Check erserver running in processes ( task manager) In the Sequel Server make sure eServer is writing to the worklist ( Double CLick Databases . double click Worklist - write the query: select * from visit where visitdatetime = '2010-07-07' ( enter the date for that specific day ) .

This error usually appears when sending out emails from eminance. When receiving this error, It means that the system32 DLL files, especially WPDF300a.dll has not been extracted. These files are located on the Eminance cd in the update folder. Amongst all the files in the update folder the four system32 files that need to be extracted are the,,, and the These four files need to be copied from the Eminance CD to the Windows\System32 folder. Follow the images provided to complete the task of extracting the four system32 dll files

The error is generated indicating the WPDF300a.dll was not installed into the \Windows\System32 folder

Using the Eminance CD, click on "explore the CD"

When exploring the CD, double click on the "Update" folder shown here circled in red.

The four highlighted files are the files that need to be copied into the \Windows\System32 folder.

Now extract each file by right clicking on the selected file and then click on "extract all..."

Then proceeed by clicking on "next"

Now browse to the system32 directory (C:\Windows\system32)

Then select system32 and click on "Ok"

The directory path will then be inserted in the edit dialog. Now click on "Next"

If the operating system asks you to overwrite the files or replace the files, always choose "Yes to All"

Then untick the option "Show extracted files", and click on finish.

You have just finished the first file. Repeat this procedure to extract the other three files to the \Windows\ystem32 folder.

This should be the start of your progress to start extracting the next file.

Continue the process until the last file is extracted.

After all four files have been extracted, resume Eminance and proceed to send your emails.

The Tariff update is usually done once per year, or when new tariff prices has been released. We have written an easy to use tariff assistant that will assist you to download these new tariff codes and prices into your Eminance. All you need to do is ensure that you have received the latest and relevant tariff price list in a CSV format from the medical aid, and have it stored in a discoverable location on your computer. You can receive the Tariff Assistant application by calling into the Health Focus call center on 0861 110011 and requesting it.

This application can be stored on your desktop of your computer. If you have all the files saved on your computer and have received the Tariff Assistant, you may then proceed to update your tariffs.

Start off by clicking on the find dialog icon.

Now browse for the latest tariff file

Make sure you find the applicable tariff code file.

Now select your database alias.

Complete items 1-6 and then make sure you check the "insert tariffs" checkbox

Click on "Update Tariffs"

You will see a dialog box advising you the update is complete when the update is done. Now you can continue processing with the new tariffs. The old tariff codes that are posted against patient accounts will not be affected, only new tariffs posted since this update.

The Backup & Restore serves as a maintenance utility, and is usually used when doing month-end, or even before updating Eminance to a later version. It is recommended that backups are performed daily.

Make sure that all Eminance applications are closed, this includes the client as well as eServer. Now open the H2Kutil option found on your desktop.

Click on the drop down menu in the Option drop down list and select the option "Backup & Restore"

Click on the binoculars icon to start browsing for the location of the database.

Browse to the database folder, then double click on your database file (h2k.gdb) to select it.

The database field will now show the path where the database resides. Now click on the "Go" button.

The backup and restore will start running. The amount of time it will take depends on the size of your database, but it could take a few minutes.

When the Backup & Restore is finished, it will show that it has completed the task. Click on the "Ok" button to continue.

To exit from the utility, click on the Exit icon.

This error usually comes up when logging into the e-Server, and is caused by the user not using upper case when entering the password. Password and user names are case-sensitive. The default Username is ADMIN and the default password is HEALTH Always ensure that the Caps Lock light on your keyboard is .

To start the program, activate the e-Server and from the window that appears, select the practice with which you want to work.

After double clicking on your practices name, enter your user name and password. Remember that both are case-sensitive.

To double check you are entering in upper case, make sure your caps lock light on your keyboard is on.

First enter your user name followed by your password.

As you enter your password make sure it is being entered correctly as only asterisks will appear. After successfully entering your user name and password, your e-Server will now be logged in and active. The window will then reduce in size and appear on the bottom right hand side of your screen and remain there for as long as it is active and you are working on Eminance. At this point, you can log into the Eminance client.

The quickest and easiest way to do an update is to click on the Update option from the help menu.  This option will update your system.  

However, you can also perform a manual update. On the cd copy the content of the update folder and paste it in the update folder located in c:\program files\health focus\eminance server\update. Then the following four files found on the cd in the update folder gets extracted to c:\windows\system32. The files are;


Then the following nine files also found on the cd in the update folder gets extracted to c:\progrm files\health focus\eminance

  • DE0200703
  • EC020703
  • H2K020703
  • H2KDEF
  • HD020703
  • HM020703
  • HR020703
  • ME020703
  • OP020703

Then extract the file ES020703 to c:\program files\health focus\eminance server. When extracting always replace any files that it prompts to replace. You will then need to copy the contents of the scripts folder found on the CD and paste them in the scripts folder located in. c:\program files\health focus\eminance server\ scripts.
 After all the files have been extracted and copied into the correct directories, you may then log in to Eminance starting with the e_Server. On the e_Server you will be prompted to run the new scripts, and must choose "Yes". When you have completed this, then the update will be complete. Always make a backup before you do start the update. Also validation plus backup & restore before you start the update.

Using the Eminance CD, click on "explore the CD"

Double click on the "update" folder

The first four highlighted files need to be extracted to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. They are FINGERPRINT.ZIP,, and wPDF300A.pdf

Now move the file ES020708.ZIP to the Eminance server folder, normally C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server

Copy the update files, normally all files starting with DE,EC,H,ME and OP to the Eminance folder normally found at C:\Program Files\Eminance

After all the files have been extracted, you need to copy the update files to the update server folder normally found at C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\Update. Highlight the files.

Now copy these files to the update server by locating the folder C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\Update, right cicking and selecting the menu item "Paste" When the files have been copied across to your PC you can close the window and return to the CD.

On the CD, in the update folder and after the files have been extracted, click on the back arrow to move one window up.

Before the update is complete, you need to copy the contents of the script folder on the CD to the scripts folder located in C:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\Script. Remember to double click on the "Scripts" folder so that it is open.

In the Scripts folder, highlight all the files, then right click on all of the selected files and click on "copy" from the sub-menu.

Browse to c:\Program Files\Health Focus\Eminance Server\scripts and then on a blank area of the window, right click and select "paste" from the sub-menu. If your PC prompts you whether you want to overwrite the files, answer "Yes" When you have finished, log into the e-Server.

Logging into e-Server

When Eminance starts, it will report that new scripts have been found. When you receive this message, make sure that all other users have logged out and click on "Yes". 

After a few minutes, Eminance will show a message indicating the update is complete. Click on "Ok" to acknowledge the update.

After the scripts have run and the database has been updated, the system may identify multiple databases on your computer. If the system has detected multiple databases, and you are asked whether you want to update them, respond "No".

After your e-Server is logged in, you can then log-in to your Eminance Client. If you click on Help > About you will be able to identify the version of Eminance currently running.

If all the version numbers match in the About screen, it indicates that your database is in sync and that the manual update has been completed successfully. Other network users can now log in.