Health Focus medical deploymentTechnology is constantly changing, medical aid funders requirements renewed and your practice business requirements are continually evolving. More people need to access more information and more applications, from diverse interfaces and more platforms are demanded.

Successful business applications must be built and deployed on an application infrastructure with the flexibility to leverage existing IT investments while adapting quickly to changing business and technology needs.
Eminance enables this growth. At the core of its deployment infrastructure is the powerful Interbase Server designed for superior business-processing capabilities, offering reliable and efficient data access. The engines support the range of platforms and client types required in today's environments. The result is more effective and flexible business applications.
Eminance extends the reach of business applications to virtually any user and its core functions can be accessed by web browsers, or any wireless device with the same set of rights and security levels. The re-use of existing business logic means improved productivity, lower costs, and faster time-to-deploy. Featuring massive scalability, Eminance can support virtually unlimited numbers of users and transactions, with radical fluctuations within those numbers. Commercial licenced users have greater flexibility and the ability to deploy on Sun workstations gives even greater throughput and power. This enhanced performance increases overall application performance and availability, improving application response time and quality of service.
Interbase requires minimal administration and maintenance, translating into lower operational costs. These factors make it one of the world's leading relational databases, used by organisations such as NASA and the US defence forces.
Integrating applications within and beyond the enterprise is crucial for maximum efficiency, improved collaboration, and business agility. The Interbase server provides a foundation for building the modern hybrid application which offers the opportunity to connect and extend applications across a company and to customers, partners, and suppliers.
Business is becoming more and more global. Employees, customers, partners, and suppliers are often dispersed across a wide geographic area. As businesses become more distributed, the need for access to enterprise applications from virtually anywhere, anytime intensifies. This means that applications must be deployed on a resilient infrastructure that enables distributed environments and provides greater levels of availability. Eminance achieves this though it's web browser interface where critical functions can be accessed.