Covid-19 Don't take your eye off the ball!

Stuck at home during Covid-19 lockdown? DON'T TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE BALL - Eminance can be run in the Cloud.  
Eminance has the ability to be run from anywhere in the world, using built in technology and remote login software. Our software support team remains open during our usual office hours on 087 750 8157 to assist you.
Now is the perfect time for you to perform those administrative tasks that you usually don't have time for. If you are seeing fewer, or no, feet through your door then now is the time to follow up on outstanding debt.
Have a look at your Aged Analysis.  Work through it.  Send an SMS message to those patients who owe you money. Make it easy for them to pay.  Ensure your bank details are included in the SMS message and are clearly visible on
the emailed statement.   We are here to help you through these difficult times.  Call Team Health Focus with your queries - 087 750 8157.