Medical & Optometry consulting services

Are you spending too much time on paperwork and administration? Finding you have too little time to improve your skills? Are you forced to supplement your income by dispensing? Blaming the delay on collections from medical aids?  Our consultancy service is geared to systematically improve your profit potential. If you are using one of our programs and have not seen a marked improvement in your administration and cash flow, you need to speak to us.
Our practice evaluation is designed to systematically improve your profit potential. If you are setting up your practice for the first time, we offer consulting services that include registration, planning, strategic and long term planning, as well as workflow and financial approaches.
A Complete Solution
Health Focus offers a complete solution for medical and allied practices. When you deal with us, you don't just buy a program, but a focused team of experts dedicated to ensuring you systematically improve your profitability. With our experience in both medical aid and practice management, we are able to consult on a wide variety of issues that plague both the administrator and service provider. With thousands of practices using our systems, it is important to us to ensure that the operator standard is constantly high.
Our staff placement and consulting service is aimed at allowing you to master your practice management. Fraud and theft in the practice can be detected if the proper controls are in place. Our ability to evaluate your practice goes a long way to ensure you systematically improve your profit potential.
There is little worse than taking a backup each evening, only to discover that when you really need your backup, the backup is faulty. Our backup service reduces the risk element. One of our areas of concentration and expertise is practice evaluation. This is where we establish why we are not achieving our goal of systematically improving your profit potential. Areas that are evaluated include; Stock control, Asset management, Third party funders management, Patient through flow, Cash flow, Account Submission, Recalls, Credit control and Planning.
We start off by taking a copy of your data and evaluate your practice in conjunction with peer review information. We scientifically evaluate your practice, suggesting changes that would practically improve the working environment and practice profitability. We achieve these goals;
  • With genuine personal care, dedication, hard work and a mutual understanding of the facts.
  • With a strong commitment to the practice and adapting to practice expectations and requirements.
  • By applying a scientific approach to practice management, using personal skills and resources.
  • With a commitment to service and quality to ensure consistent practice growth.
  • By maintaining a lead and understanding of practice concerns and remaining at the forefront of technology.
  • By being committed to systematic practice growth and the generation of practice profits.
  • By providing a strong team of experts dedicated to proper practice management.
  • By using the computer and our programs as an effective tool to implement internal controls.
  • By focusing on cost containment and improving efficiencies in all areas - from personnel to managed care
  • By committing to a long term support infrastructure and providing resources required by practices.
  • By providing the tools to ensure practice independence and autonomy, alleviating prolonged dependency.
  • By preempting the pitfalls and creating a partnership relationship.

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