Can't practice during lockdown?

Can't practice during lockdown? Use Eminance to start your post-lockdown marketing plan today.
Let's assume that lockdown will end on 17 April. Give your patients a reason to come visit you.
Bearing in mind that Covid-19 won't simply vanish on 17 April you want to assure your patients that it is safe to venture into your practice, that you will take the necessary safety precautions when they visit.
If you are an optometrist you should consider running a special offer on spectacles and/or sunglasses. Perhaps your patients will be running low on contact lenses toward the end of lockdown. Create an email or SMS mailer to invite them to pre-order a new box(es) of contact lenses which you can have ready for them once lockdown is over. Now is also the perfect time to go through your recall list and ensure that patients who are due an eye test are notified and invited to make an appointment now for after lockdown. You want to get those feet back through your door as quickly as possible once lockdown is lifted.
Eminance has all the technology you require to make this happen. If you need any assistance call Team Health Focus on 087 750 8157 or email Software Support.