Bar Coding

Eminance for Optometry has been developed incorporating in its design an integrated bar coding system. The importance of bar coding in terms of time, controls and ease of use, cannot be over emphasized.

Right from a small single user practice to the larger multi–practitioner store bar coding has a significant role to play. The major reason is that in any practice the largest single investment made is stock.  To know how much money you have invested on your floor and to control the capital expenditure is in itself difficult. The solution however is a bar coding system. It is a known fact that a manual or handwritten stock-take is prone to error – unlike bar coding which also provides instantaneous reporting. With bar coding you know immediately; what stock has moved; what stock is missing and what has been cancelled – just to name a few reports.   More importantly, it provides a record of any action related to that barcode and who was responsible for the action – allowing you to track the life of the item. Of course, you will know immediately what the value of your stock on hand is. In short, bar coding does the following:

  • Tracks every item in your practice.
  • Provides accurate stock reports.
  • Reduces the time taken for stock takes from days to hours if not minutes.
  • Reduces user error in that the codes interface from quotes through to invoicing to credit notes and are either taken out or brought into stock accordingly. 
  • Users merely have to scan the item in and no longer have to type stock and or tariff codes.
  • Barcodes are automatically generated if required when you do goods received vouchers

Bar coding has many more benefits than a manual or alphanumeric system and it is also very cost effective. Stock takes are done in less time than you imagine, allowing you to concentrate on your patient while our program looks after your stock.