Eminance, Medical & Optometry Software

Eminance, medical software billingEminance is the Health Focus flagship medical and optometry accounting software program designed for the South African medical practice. The practice management software (PMS) caters for almost all types of medical and optometry practices; from the single practitioner starting out through to large-scale incorporations, groups and clinics.

Why choose Eminance?
It works. With a retention rate of over 99.5% over the past few decades, even as practices evolve and new technology comes into play,  Eminance has been the medical management program of choice. It may be because of the vast pool of competent medical receptionists who love that programme; or even maybe its low running costs and dependability. Either way, thousands of professionals in Southern Africa can't be wrong.
The Eminance scalability ensures a low-cost per patient overhead with its built in claim switching capability, paying for itself almost immediately.
Our Medical and optometry programs require little or no maintenance with auto updates of tariff codes, medicines and medical aid rules keeping you current and reducing medical aid rejections.
Designed to systematically improve the practices profit potential, the low installation costs ensure little or no capital investment.
Never sold and therefore no significant upfront costs our electronic medical and optometry management software is licensed for use on a month-to-month basis.
The thousands of practices using our medical software we boast a  99.9 % retention rate over the past few decades.
Beside our on-site training, we offer certification programs that have become acknowledged within the profession, ensuring a large pool of operators in Southern Africa.
Eminance is used in a variety of practices and is adaptable for almost all needs.  It covers all aspects of medical management from clinical needs, electronic medical records, accounting and management and electronic claims.
With over 25 years I'll experience and development, our medical administration and management software remains innovative.   Auto updates ensure that you are always current and our Mobile application keeps you in touch wherever you have an Internet connection.

The easiest way to manage your appointments

Know what's going on in your practice

Convenient and secure treatment notes

It's important to have your schedule at your fingertips. Our flexible calendar lets you see and change your schedule with ease. A single button click allows you to quickly switch between viewing the calendar for the whole practice, or just yourself; for the day, week or month. Appointments are colour coded making it easy to read your diary at a glance.

Appointments can be made quickly with our streamlined booking process. In fact, almost everything can be done from the diary. If you need to make an appointment for an existing patient, then quickly search by name and book them in fast. If it’s a new patient then add their details while creating the appointment. The patient record is created seamlessly.

And reminders can go out automatically. And if you are running late, you can send a SMS to all patient booked and affected by the delay advising them. If patient no-shows are hurting your practice, then our SMS and email reminders will save you time and money.

You can also track patients waiting for an earlier appointment. It's easier than ever to manage your wait list. You can add patients with or without creating an appointment; filter by patient name, practitioner or business; and easily edit and delete patients from the wait list. Next time a patient calls to cancel, you can create a new appointment in their place and fill the gap in your schedule with a patient from your wait list.

If you have clinics in multiple locations it's easy to manage all of them and to toggle between appointment books and report on your finances separately for each location. Your practice becomes much easier to run with the Eminance diary.


Eminance's reporting gives you an in depth understanding of what is happening in your practice. This real-time information helps you make the decisions that will grow and improve your business.

We actually give you useful information that helps you make important decisions.

With Eminance, you have access to information in just seconds that previously you had no way of getting.

Easily track your businesses growth and even see which marketing channels are the most effective.

Not only does Eminance have all the reports you need to run and grow your business, you also get access to the data to do your own analysis.

Sometimes you just want your schedule on a piece of paper. Eminance has daily and weekly schedule reports so that you can easily view and print your appointments.

Want to know how much revenue your practice is generating? Want that broken down by practitioner? Eminance has reports that give you this information instantly.

Eminance also allows you to track and report on your expenses. Great for helping out at audit time.

As much as we try, we could never have all of the reports that you might need. Eminance gives you the ability to custom design your own reports.

Your accountant will also love these spreadsheets. They will save your accountant time, and save you money.

With Eminance you can access your treatment notes from anywhere without jeopardising security. All treatment notes are stored securely to help you meet your legal requirements.

Treatment notes work exactly how you want them to simply because you're the one who sets them up.

Use the default treatment note templates to get started quickly. Templates are completely configurable, allowing them to be as simple or complex as you like.

Are you a multi-disciplinary clinic? It is easy to have multiple templates, so that all modalities can have their requirements met.

You can instantly search through all your documents. No more flicking through pages of notes. You can search for any word or phrase in your patient history quickly and easily.
Complete notes at your own convenience

Eminance allows you to flag your incomplete treatment notes. Draft treatment notes are visible to you d, so you don't forget to come back to them.

Store your images, documents and any other type of file in your patient records. Just drag and drop multiple files into Eminance to upload them all at once.


Correspondence made easy

Simple management of accounts

Patient recalls

It's never been easier to write to patients, doctors and other third parties. You don't need any other software, it's all done within Eminance.

Set up your templates once, and generate professional looking letters every time.

Create as many templates as you need right within Eminance; referral letters, diagnostics reports, patient updates or anything else.

Add any number of placeholders to your templates, so when it comes to writing the letter, the key information is already there for you.

Style your templates however you like with our rich text editor. Letter writing is so much faster when the formatting is already done for you.

It's easy to print your letters for posting or email them directly from Eminance.


Eminance handles your point of sale and patient accounts simply. You can even track clinic expenses to make audit time easier.

Eminance is designed to make the payment process seamless. Transition from the appointment calendar through to emailing your patient their receipt with ease.

Handling payments with Eminance is fast and flexible. Create an invoice straight from the appointment, add any products and collect the payment.

All the codes are already loaded and can be updated electronically, minimising any annual disruption.

Easily override prices on each invoice for complete flexibility.

Easily keep track of patient recalls.

Create and name your own recall types, then add and manage recalls for each individual patient. You can also take it a step further. For example, you can define a recall type for contact lenses as every 12 months, and once you dispense contact lenses, the recall will automatically kick in.

And you are not limited to one recall type per patient. Whether it be a consultation every year, a six monthly script pickup or routine and regular blood tests, once you have created your rules, they are implemented automatically.

Upcoming recalls for all patients are listed in a report as well as recalls that have not been triggered and are missing a patient encounter.

Once the recall comes due, the mail merger takes care of the rest. Recalls can be mailed, emailed or sent via SMS.

Access from anywhere on any device

On-line booking

Auto Updates

With Eminance Mobile it works right from the browser on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC, so there is no app to install or syncing required.

Eminance can be used anywhere you have an internet connection. There is nothing to install and it's completely secure.

Eminance Mobile is completely web-based, meaning you can access the features from anywhere.

It also means you don't need to set up a server or even a network. All you need is an internet connection and you're good to go.

Great on Mac, PC or a combination of both.

Eminance online bookings enables you and your clinic to accept bookings 24/7, reducing the time you spend taking bookings over the phone.

The Eminance Patient Portal includes a bookings page that you share with your patients. It's customisable so you can choose how much of your schedule to show, and every new booking is synchronised with your Eminance appointment calendar after verification.

Your patients will love it too. It's the easiest online booking system they will ever use and fully integrated with your website.


We make it easy for you by facilitating update files that keep your medical aid rules, fees and medicines up to date.  Remember when it used to take weeks to update your tariffs when the medical aid changed their benefits.  This process is now reduced down to seconds.  In addition, when your system is updated with the medical aid rules, the members contribution is also updated automatically - reducing small write offs and bad debts.


Eminance is supported countrywide. For a no obligation demonstration, no matter the size of your practice, or for a detailed list of practitioners using software, please feel free to contact us