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Our Approach

Training is not limited to the initial sessions when you have Eminance installed. We offer a series of training sessions that take place on-line as well as under strict controls on-site.

For more information on our training sessions please contact us. We also post ongoing training sessions on our blog. and facebook pages

  • Controlled on-site training
  • Training on demand
  • On-line courses
  • Video training
Health Focus Training

Doctor & Optometry training

The thousands of practices using our electronic medical software (EMS) tell us that our support is tops. Beside the on-site training, our call-centre is on hand to guide you through any hiccups and if necessary control your computer remotely to minimise any downtime.

You are invited to try our software as we are so confident that when we install at your practice that will exceed your expectations. There are no long-term contracts or punitive capital expenditure. In fact, you can licence the use of the software on a month to month basis if you like.

Since the lockdown period we have been offering on-line training and workshops using video technology. At Health Focus we realised that many practices were busier than normal, even if the consultations were via our tele-medicine or video-conferencing.

The new normal has necessitated changes in how practices function. To cater for change, we offered one-on-one and small group on-line training.

All our support and training staff are linked to our cloud telephone network, allowing you, with one call to our 087 750 8157 number to arrange individual training or to join one of our training sessions.

We also have the technology to install our programs remotely allowing new practices to join our Eminance Universe of users or to scale your practice as it grows.

Regular status updates and news of program enhancements, training sessions and workshops can be found on our facebook page.

Revolutionise the way you run your practice.

With a strong commitment to practice management, Health focus offers advanced training workshops that are designed specifically to help the practice owner/manager to run the practice like a business. If you have concerns with management of accounts, poor debt collection, gathering statistical and financial data or using the latest technology then you need to speak to us.

Our experience and professional training workshops is what you need to revolutionise the way you do business. Our comprehensive training program is designed to meet current practice management needs and adapts to meet those needs as the practice grows. Our goal is to continually ensure that practices keep up to date with program changes, as new features and requirements become available.

  • Empower the practice into systematically improving your profit potential.
  • Increase the processing power by using shortcuts, Macros and automated procedures
  • Improve your understanding of debt collection and use our products to automate debt control functions.
  • Implement and use e-commerce facilities, reducing overhead costs in the practice
  • Understand reports and get valuable information from your database
  • Understand and use advanced features of the program.

Experience has shown that medical practices require an education model and designed to meet their special needs. The model is based on the understanding that practices cannot afford to slow down in order to catch up - using human resources for training at the precise moment that they need those same resources for the day-to-day administrative functionality. Added with the fact that administrative staff are normally unable to give their full concentration during the working day to a sole task, such as education - we have established training centres, designed to cover basic training. Continuing education is then undertaken in Just In Time Training principals, via a number of avenues.

Practice Management

Our basic training covers the fundamentals required to get new staff members started. Where required, audio visual presentations covering the operating system are used to enhance and improve Windows knowledge. Topics covered include;

  • Financial controls and statistical evaluations of performance.
  • Relationship Marketing - dealing with the patient.
  • Communications with the public - Enquiries and methods.
  • Stock Control - methodologies and importance.
  • Petty Cash
  • Filing & Systems
  • Work planning and scheduling
  • Orals and written communication
  • Receiving and assisting visitors
  • Security & theft controls
  • Meeting & document organisation

Continuing Education

We know that in the medical profession, keeping up-to-date with the essential and necessary skills is paramount in ensuring a healthy practice in terms of patient management and cash flow. That is why we have in place a system of continuing education. Experienced users are encouraged to treat the continuing education program as refresher courses to fully utilise the power of our programs.

This is especially true of the Workshops and Seminars, where the questions are brought to the forum. All participants can learn from experienced users who have already had their questions addressed. Usually those questions demonstrate to other users how to get the most out of their systems and to make life that little bit easier. Topics include;

  • Information technology
  • Financial Aspects
  • Staffing
  • Patients
  • Marketing

Download the Health Focus Guide to Managing Your Practice