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Remote Access for Support & Training

During the lockdown period we have been offering on-line training and workshops using video technology. At Health Focus we understand that many practices are busier than normal, even if the consultations are via tele-medicine or video-conferencing.

The new normal has necessitated changes in how practices function. To cater for change, we offer one-on-one and small group on-line training.

All our support and training staff are linked to our cloud telephone network, allowing you, with one call to our 087 750 8157 number, to chat to either Sarah Khan or Morne Dirks to arrange individual training or to join one of our training sessions.

We also have the technology to install our programs remotely allowing new practices to join our Eminance Universe of users or to scale your practice as it grows.

Regular status updates and news of program enhancements, training sessions and workshops can be found on our facebook page.