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Leaders in the field of optometry management

Our first optometry installation took place in 1988 and since then over 1000 optometrists trust us with their business. Over the years we have learnt what is important. From our first Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claims in 1992 we have lead the market with innovative features that have made our programs indispensable to the modern day optometrist.

Eminance for Optometry automates many of the functions normally requiring strict administrative procedures in the practice. One of the features is the management of recalls for contact lenses, where the recall is triggered automatically on invoice.

Call and order lists can be produced on demand and letters can be mail merged as reminders. If you have activated the SMS facility, then text messages can be sent; and even email recalls. The whole process is automated and ensures your patient returns back to you. Eminance for Optometry automates many of the functions normally requiring strict administrative procedures in the practice

Driven by the patient wizard, Eminance allows you full control of all the Optometry features. It can be used in conjunction with other practitioners, where you decide whether the other disciplines can have access to your information.

In summary, a host of new benefits. Extensive reporting, including average patient spend and the spend per lens category and type. Statistics that allow you to know where your profitability lies. The drill down facility, allows you to select an accounting year, the month, and then drill down to a single transaction. You can even drill down on the year to date activity for a medical aid, or even a practitioner.

All-in-all, it is the most innovative, intuitive optometry management system available, offering features that took over five years to research to ensure that it meets the demanding needs of any optometry practice, irrespective of size. Health Focus was the first software house to provide the practice with SMS facilities, EDI, on-line electronic claims, advanced recall facilities and a host of innovative new features.

That’s why Health Focus remains the South Africa’s leader in optometry management software. It offers a hassle-free practice management system which enables optometrists to focus on the professional aspect of the practice, whilst enjoying all the functionality to maintain full control of their business. Its system controls ensures that it can be used by all levels of staff, while still offering a high degree of control.

Enhanced Recalls

Eminance offers multiple levels of recalls, allowing you to target any group of patients for contact lenses through to frames and examinations. The recurring recalls too, have been enhanced. e-Business Enabled. Recall types are linked to tariff codes for greater efficiency.

Minimising Risk

Emphasis is placed on minimising risk and automating routine tasks - all aimed at improving cash flow. Graphical reporting and warning indicators reduce waste. Special care has been taken to ensure compliance with Preferred Providers, with safety nets to ensure billing of easily forgotten codes such as hard coating and rimless frame fittings.

On-time Collections

We systematically improve profit potential by ensuring claims are submitted and collected in time. Immediate account production and levy collection reduces operational costs. Beside the host of features that Eminance offers, special note has been made of the problems experienced in this discipline.

Eminance is e-business enabled, along with the ability to send e-mail and link directly to medical aids that offer web technology queries. As standard, certain medical aids allow membership eligibility lookups and offers on-line claims. Eminance is ready to switch on when more medical aids make their facilities available.

Patient Records

Maintains all patient information on file 
Unlimited dependants
On screen credit control 
Comprehensive patient reporting 
Production and recalling of prescriptions 
Patient history available at all times.
Produces invoices, quotes & credit notes
Records clinical history per patient 
Integrated SMS facility
Patient can book on-line


Generates tariff codes from script 
Patient clinical records on-line 
Simplifies information handling 
Records results
Marketing information on-line
Full history of patient maintained
All scripts and visits recorded
Unlimited patient history with voice recognition
Prints a compiled patient history form in exam room for review.

Medical Aids

Automatic calculation of patient portion
Submission of medical aid statements
Reporting by scheme or administrator
Age analysis and profile on demand
Automatic batch payment allocations
On screen credit control with financial notes
Warning when accounts overdue
Age analysis for any date range
Benefit warning check
Production of overdue account lists


Comprehensive financial reports
Sales person & optometrist reports
Movement report by dispenser or optometrist
Stock movement, profitability and order reports
Vat & activity reports 
User activity and practice status reports
Reporting by tariff code for any period
On screen graphical reports


Convert quote to invoice
Convert invoice to credit note
Lab tracking and enquiry
Sophisticated booking system
Allows scheduling of appointments
User defined time slots
Permits entering of forward consultations
Creation of temporary patient accounts

Special Features

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard
Reprinting of source documents
Multiple practice support
Caters for branches and satellite practices
Supports  associates and partners
Powerful on-screen help system
Web and e-Business integration
Bar coding standard

Lab Orders

Integrated lab order system
In-house or external lab orders
Tracking & status of lab orders
SMS alert to patient for collection
On screen enquiry of orders 
Live Lab-track system
Bin, tray & patient labels can be produced at any time
Lab order reports including work in progress
Remakes activated easily with tracking 
Verification of lab charges on receipt 
Job tracking and status reports
Comprehensive reporting

Creditors & Stock

Tracks inventory
Fills frame specifications into a lab order form.
Calculates data needed for manufacture of lenses on site.
Records & tracks consignment stocks
Stock valuation and stock take facility
Reporting on category e.g. sunglasses
All creditors and suppliers maintained on file
Production of remittance advises
Age analysis and Vat reports
Creditor history maintained
Lab order generated after invoice, enhancing internal controls


Professional recall letter mail merge
Recall lists for contact lens patients
Multiple level recalls
On screen lookup for contact lens patients 
No show lists for recalled patients
Updates contact lens patients recalls 
User defined recall date per patient by tariff code
Produces letters to  parents, teachers etc regarding follow-up vision care.
Mail merger for customized and individualized letters
Automatic generation of recall letters

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