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Case Study #38

In February 2002 Health Focus converted Spectacle World to its “Eminance” brand of client server software.

The critical success factors required by Spectacle World were the tracking of stock and particularly an integrated bar-coding system. In addition the system had to handle the scheduling of appointments for 4 optometrists, the tracking of patient cards, invoicing from multiple cashiers and salespersons.

The back office required financial audit-ability from both a turnover and cash flow point of view. In addition the monthly movement of stock and the gross profit margins on this movement was required for successful inventory management. Spectacle World also focus on customer service and the interaction from their various departments had to be user friendly and efficient whilst using the computer system.

The requirements above were met by Health Focus and we were able to successfully reduce a stock take from a day to within 2-3 hours. In addition the practice was linked to an integrated version of Healthbridge and also used EDI to transmit claims to medical aids where this had not been done previously.

Lab orders were sent directly to labs electronically enabling the ordering department to remain up to date on the progress of orders and saving time and costs as opposed to traditional fax methods. Customer contact/liaison was improved by the ability to contact customers via email or SMS integrated into the program at various stages of the practices involvement with a customer. This also reduced telephone costs as notification when orders are ready, appointment times etc from within the system are significantly cheaper than using normal telephony methods.

Health Focus remains committed to keeping Spectacle World and all our clients at the forefront of technological innovation and streamlined practice management. This remains in line with our commitment of “Improving your practices profit potential”.