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Go Paperless with Eminance

The digitalisation of patient medical records should not only make the practice workflow processes more efficient but also decrease manual errors and keep personal patient information more secure than ever.

Medical facilities are one of the industries that use the most paper, coming in second to legal firms. Although going completely paperless right away may not be possible, reducing the use of paper at medical practices is a step in the right direction. While we agree that a practice can't go 100% paperless, we do agree that we will get you almost there and would most certainly dramatically cut down the amount of paperwork.

Simplify your daily tasks; automate your claims and billing; make better business decisions based on real data which is everything you need to run and grow a successful healthcare practice.

That's why every report can be viewed on screen without printing. You can even produce a PDF report for later viewing. But if you really need a print-out, you can print to local or network printers.

It's not only the reports that use our digital platform. Invoices and statements, recall letters and lab reports are all handled electronically and the built in AI engine automatically links the incoming report to the patient clinical notes. Even scripts are generated electronically and sent securely to the pharmacy of your (or the patients) choice.

Because Eminance is designed with the whole team in mind. This includes your practitioners, reception staff, managers and accounting team, there are multiple levels of security and privacy, each with their own view or print options.

We take it one step further. When you need to calculate your Vat returns, there is no need to refer to last months print-outs (if you have them). You can simply enter the Vat period and the comprehensive audit will be displayed on screen. Features like this as very useful when it comes to Vat audits as you can generate a PDF file, ready to send to Sars e-filing.

X-rays too are paperless. The radiologist report is filed electronically in the patient clinical record with easy reference to the x-ray.

Overall, if you want to go paperless, Eminance gives you the opportunity.