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Did You Know?

Ongoing development ensures you are always a step ahead.

HealthFocus demonstrates a steadfast commitment to staying ahead by prioritizing continuous development. Their investment in ongoing advancements ensures the practice remains dynamic amidst changes in medical aids, legislation, and patient demographics. Crucially, HealthFocus offers free upgrades for as long as their program is licensed, underscoring their dedication to keeping their services current and accessible. This proactive approach not only keeps the practice alive but also ensures it remains responsive to the evolving needs of both patients and the broader healthcare landscape, securing its position as a trusted provider of comprehensive and up-to-date care.

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Access your patient data from anywhere

Eminance Cloud (EMC) is accessible from anywhere in the world, from any device, using any browser. All you need is an Internet connection. Don't get caught out without a working backup. Use Eminance Cloud backup for your offsite, verified backups. We keep them securely for 6 months so you don't have to. For any help with the above our friendly software support team is waiting to assist you.

Your medical practice thrives by balancing the health of your business.

Your medical practice thrives by balancing healthcare and the health of your business. As the year-end approaches you might need a funding solution to help end the year off strong or to help maintain a healthy cash flow. That is why Health Focus is excited to announce our collaboration with Merchant Capital, a leading alternative working capital provider.

Make your patients life easier by activating your online diary in Eminance.

Why limit your patient to only being able to call or email you to make a booking? Your day is busy, so is your patients. It is far easier to make an appointment online, whether during or after office hours. Using the Eminance online diary actually saves you time and it allows your patient to make their own diary booking online, saving you an incoming phone call or email, again, saving you time and improving your patients experience with your practice. For help setting up this vital function call one of our friendly software support staff on 021 790 1124 or 087 750 8157 today.

Optometrists let your patients order their contact lenses online.

Eminance allows you to sell contact lenses online, completely within the Ethical guidelines as published in the Government Gazette. In summary: · only legitimate patients of the practice can purchase contact lenses online from the store. · Eminance requires a login which validates the patient. · Eminance verifies that the patient has a valid script (not older than 12 months) · Eminance only allows the repurchase of previously dispensed contact lenses. Contact our friendly software support team for assistance in setting this function up in your practice.

Eminance complies with the regulations for online contact lens ordering

In Mr. Harry Rosen's initial address at the recent Eyecare Extravaganza held in Killarney Country Club, he detailed the requirements to enable a practice to comply with these regulations. In short they are: Patient must have a script that is no more than 12 months old; Dispensing must be done by the optometrist in their practice. Mr Rosen did add a further point regarding delivery of contact lenses to the patient. In this instance if the patient is well known to the optometrist; if you are well aware of the patient's eye health, have given them an eye examination within 12 months and they are a bona-fide patient of your practice then you may have the box(es) of contact lenses delivered to their home or work address. Note, this is not applicable to non-patients, they still are required to have the lenses dispensed in the practice. Our team of developers have been hard at work creating an online contact lens ordering platform that complies with the Government Gazette regulations and we have been successful in our endeavour. Mr Rosen recently witnessed a demonstration of our system by our Development Director and proclaimed it to be correctly applied. We are happy to be able to offer this platform to our customers at no extra charge. For any assistance with this platform kindly chat to one of our software support team members on either 021 7901124 or 087 750 8157 or email

Send bulk communication to your patients

Did you know that you are able to send bulk communication to your patients using SMS and/or Email functionality and individual communications using SMS, Email or WhatsApp functionality? Did you know that we have an integration with Practice Perfect for Electronic Medical Records on the medical version of Eminance?

Eminance integrates with Practice Perfect?

Practice Perfect software gives medical doctors a way in which they can easily replace traditional patient files with Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Eminance integrates into Xero accounting software?

Now you can export your figures from within Eminance directly into Xero saving your accountant time, and you, money.

Stock take while trading

Did you know that you can start your stock take and save your progress, create an invoice and then continue counting in the same stock take? Did you know that you are able to divide your stock up into groups or categories and do a rotational stock take, only doing a stock take for a specific category as opposed to counting all your stock?

Online cloud backups

Did you know Eminance you can perform online cloud backups as part of your month end procedure? Your backup is validated by us and kept on our cloud server for 6 months ensuring you have a working backup should your hard drive become corrupted or your computer stolen.

Optometrists - order directly from Eminance to Hoya.

You don't need to double capture when you send your Hoya lab orders into the I-log system. Simply enter your Hoya login information into the Hoya web service page, check the activation box, and click Save. This option is located under Optometry defaults. Our software support team are available to help you with this setup. Extra details: After billing the Hoya codes, the lab order will have the option to be submitted to Hoya I-Log. Once the order has been submitted, you can log into the I-log system from the same lab order screen as shown below to complete the order.

Still using a paper diary?

Using the Eminance built in diary actually saves you time and it allows your patient to make their own diary booking online, saving you an incoming phone call or email, again, saving you time and improving your patient's experience with your practice.

Total turnover for the financial year,

Did you know Eminance can show you your total turnover for the financial year, at the click of a button? and can also break the information down to show you the top paying medical aids.

Send WhatsApp reminders via our integrated Diary

It's in your diary, just click the button.

Eminance has the ability to scan all your patient files

Did you know , Eminance has the ability to scan all your patient files , medical aid cards and even referral letters to a folder which you can then to the patient files making it much easier to access than your 4 drawer filing cabinet. Why are you still using a paper diary? Using the Eminance built in diary actually saves you time and it allows your patient to make their own diary booking online, saving you an incoming phone call or email, again, saving you time and improving your patient's experience with your practice. For help on setting this vital function up call one of our friendly software support staff on 021 790 1124 or 087 750 8157 today. All reactions:

Target a specific patient demographic

Did you know Eminance allows you to target a specific patient demographic via sms or email using such criteria as a stock item purchased or even an ICD10 code used? Did you know Eminance has an online diary linked to it so that your patients can make an online booking with you? This frees up time in your practice as bookings no longer need to be made telephonically and, more importantly, it is very convenient for your patient as they can now make a booking in your diary without having to wait for your practice to be open to receive their call.

Cut your paper bill

Did you know every printable document in Eminance can also be saved as a PDF and/or emailed directly out of the program?

Use your logo on statements and invoices

Did you know Eminance allows you to add you own practice logo to your statements?

Accessible from anywhere in the world

Did you know Eminance Cloud (EMC) is accessible from anywhere in the world? All you need is an Internet connection. And, it is free to all full license Eminance users!

Scan directly to patient notes

Did you know the Scans function in Eminance can be accessed through the Notes function? making it easier for the practitioner to view test results and make patient/clinical notes.

Quote to invoice for dentists

Did you know Eminance can convert quotes to invoices at the click of a button?

Run a full credit control debt collecting function

Did you know that with Eminance you can run a full credit control debt collecting function without having to print an age analysis report? Email or call 087-750-8157 for assistance with this function.

Allocate payments automatically

Tired of performing allocations? Have Eminance automatically do this when a patient account is in credit. Credit allocations are now available, all you need to do is set your patient allocation setting to automatic. If an account has a credit balance before posting an invoice, Eminance will automatically allocate the credit without prompting you. To check your Patient Allocations setting, go to - Utilities>Defaults>System Defaults and then click the Selections Tab to see which option is selected under Patient Allocations.

Drop and drag scans

Scanning images taking too long? Use our new drag and drop option for scans, simply drag an existing scan into the scan viewer, Applicable to PNG, PDF, BMP or JPG files

SnapScan on Quotes

Snapscan QR codes are now available on optometrist Quotes allowing your patients to pay directly from the quote if they wish to.

Online diary configuration update

Online diary configuration update - The Online diary now allows configuration of the number of days into the future that a patient is allowed to make a booking. This can be configured per practice upon request via The Online diary will automatically search for the first available opening when a patient make a booking.

Eminance has a solution to the data loss issue.

Make use of the Cloud backup function. We keep your backup for six months and ensure that it can be used if needed. Don't get caught out by power surges resulting in lost data and/or hard drives.

Know what's going on in your practice

Know what's going on in your practice, your business: Eminance's reporting gives you an in depth understanding of what is happening in your practice. This real-time information helps you make the decisions that will grow and improve your business. We actually give you useful information that helps you make important decisions. Easily track your businesses growth and even see which marketing channels are the most effective. Not only does Eminance have all the reports you need to run and grow your business, you also get access to the data to do your own analysis. Sometimes you just want your schedule on a piece of paper. Eminance has daily and weekly schedule reports so that you can easily view and print your appointments. Want to know how much revenue your practice is generating? Want that broken down by practitioner? Eminance has reports that give you this information instantly. Eminance also allows you to track and report on your expenses. Great for helping out at audit time. As much as we try, we could never have all of the reports that you might need. Eminance gives you the ability to custom design your own reports. Your accountant will also love these spreadsheets. They will save your accountant time, and save you money.

Lost your Data?

One of the worst types of calls Software Support receives is from practices who have had a hard drive crash or a server stolen and they want to know how to recover their data. The only way to do this is to have a recent, working, backup on hand. It doesn't help if your backup is a year old. It doesn't help if the external drive you have backed up to doesn't work. It doesn't help if you find out too late that your backup is corrupt. With Eminance you have the solution at your fingertips. Either as a month end procedure, or on an ad-hoc basis you are able to perform a backup from within Eminance and have it uploaded to our cloud. We then validate the backup to ensure that it is not corrupt and can be used in your practice when needed. We keep your backup for six months as a precaution, however, we urge you to make more regular backups as you don't want to be recapturing months of data. You will be surprised how often we receive this type of call. People seem to have an 'it won't happen to me' approach to this subject. Do not become a victim of this totally avoidable catastrophe. Run the Cloud Backup today. Should you require assistance call Software Support on 087 750 8157 or 021 790 1124 or email

Patients can book on-line visits

If your practice has an existing website, we integrate our patient portal into your website so that it conforms to the look and feel of your site, giving your patients access to the information you define. Place a contact lens order (for optometry) or reprint a script order; See if there are any scripts available; Check for a reminder to book a consultation; Make on-line payments. Let your patients make their own bookings online, in a controlled secure environment where you can decide where and when bookings are allowed. Patients do not have to wait for office hours in order to secure a booking ensuring you get maximum access to patients. 24 hour bookings reduces patient loss and adds a level of convenience your patients deserve. New patients capture their own information online meaning no need for forms to be completed upon arrival. Existing patients are allowed to log in via a One Time PIN and they can view and print invoices for tax purposes as well as make diary appointments.

Keep up to date

Licenced users are entitled to free updates with new features. Join our Facebook group to keep informed about enhancements that may be of benefit to you.